There are plenty of great Black Friday bundles on the Nintendo Switch this year, but Virgin Mobile has gone one further by throwing the console in for free if you buy any Huawei P30 phone - including the P30 Lite and P30 Pro.

You can get the P30 on contract from Virgin this weekend from just £27 per month, while the Pro starts from £32 monthly and the Lite from just £20. Buy any of them and you’ll get Nintendo’s portable console thrown in for free - the full version, not the cheaper Switch Lite, mind. Check out our other picks of the best Black Friday Switch deals to see what else is out there if you don't need a new phone right now too.

While those are the cheapest prices, we’d recommend plumping for 100GB of data, which is just £24 per month for the P30 Lite, £31 for the regular P30, and £36 monthly for the Pro model. Those are for three-year contracts though, so it’s a little more if you only want to commit to two years.

Virgin reckons you’ll save £108 on any of the phones, but that’s just on the contract price. The Switch itself is £279 in its own right, so really that’s a total saving of almost £400 - more than the full price of the P30 Lite itself!

The P30 phones came out earlier this year, and are all pretty great. We gave 4.5 stars each to the P30 and P30 Pro, as both have really stunning designs and some of the best cameras in any phones on the market. Since the Mate 30 Pro hasn't come to the UK, these remain the best Huawei phones you can buy right now.

The P30 Lite is a cut down version of the P30 and P30 Pro phones. We gave the P30 Lite 3.5 stars in our review, worrying only that the performance and battery life let it down a little, but it looks fantastic and the camera is phenomenal for the price, as you’d expect from Huawei.

You may have heard about Huawei in the news a lot recently, but don’t worry: the P30 series all have full Google support, so you’ll still be able to use all your normal apps and get the latest Android security patches.