Even though the event spoke of a global release of the phone, that doesn’t look to be that truthful. Honor said that Russia would be the first market where the View 30 Pro will launch, with a date to be confirmed.

We asked Honor if the phone would be sold in the UK, with a spokesperson commenting, “View 30 Pro is currently only for the Russia market.” While this doesn’t mean the phone will never come to the UK or Europe, it looks doubtful.

Honor also reportedly told TechRadar the View 30 Pro won’t be coming to the UK.

Given that the Honor View 20 launched this time last year in the UK at £499 with Google Play Services, it’s a shame that its superior successor is seemingly unlikely to get a European launch at all.

We’d be all for blaming the lack of Google apps and services given Honor is owned by Huawei and therefore has suffered the same fate – no new Huawei or Honor phones launched since May 2019 can officially support Google services, making the phones a very tough sell in the UK and Europe.

But the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has just been released in the UK without Google services, and instead will run Huawei’s App Gallery app store, so technically the View 30 Pro could have been launched here. 

Perhaps Honor is waiting strategically until the App Gallery has more of the essential Western apps supported before attempting to launch the View 30 Pro in the UK and Europe. Honor is marketed at young people, so without a plethora of social media apps available, the phone would probably have been DOA at this stage. 

Honor also announced global versions of the 9X Pro mid-range phone, but also did not confirm an official UK or Europe release date.

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