HMD Mobile is a new mobile carrier from HMD, the company behind Nokia smartphones. It’s the first time a phone manufacturer has entered the MVNO space, with HMD utilising existing cell tower coverage from other network providers to bring texts, calls and data connectivity exclusively to Nokia fans that purchase the latest devices directly from

It’s all part of Nokia’s aim to make its’ website a one-stop-shop for Nokia customers, allowing them to get everything they need – now including 4G connectivity – from a single storefront. It’s like an exclusive club with cheap deals for the most dedicated Nokia fans.

Here’s everything you need to know about HMD Mobile, including coverage, costs and whether you can use a HMD Mobile SIM in anything other than a Nokia smartphone.

Where is HMD Mobile available?

HMD Mobile is launching exclusively in the UK before potentially rolling out to other countries in future, although where and when that might happen are currently unclear.

How much do HMD Mobile contracts cost?

HMD Mobile has priced its offerings competitively with the aim of offering contract-level bundles without long-term commitment, with each plan available on HMD Mobile on a rolling monthly contract. That means you pay for the contract on a monthly basis, and if the time comes that you decide you no longer need the data, calls and texts, you can cancel with no fee.

Each contract has unlimited calls and texts, and EU data roaming comes at no extra cost either. HMD Mobile contracts are available in the following configurations:

  • 10GB data = £13 PCM
  • 15GB data = £15 PCM
  • 25GB data = £23 PCM

The company is also offering a 90-day plan at launch, giving you access to three months’ worth of calls, texts and data for a discounted price. Once the 90 days are up, it’ll auto-renew on a monthly basis like the other contracts available.

HMD Mobile is also bundling devices and contracts, offering the 128GB Nokia X20 and a 90-day 15GB plan for £319.99, and for those looking for something a little more affordable, there’s also the Nokia 3.4 with a 90-day 10GB plan at just £149.99.

HMD has confirmed that more combinations at different price points are coming in future, so if there’s not a deal for you right now, check back soon.

How can I join HMD Mobile?

While most network operators want to make their contracts and network available to as many people as possible, HMD has gone down a slightly more exclusive route.

As it stands, you can only sign up to HMD Mobile when buying a Nokia smartphone directly from – it’s not available at third-party retailers like Carphone Warehouse, nor is it available to buy without also purchasing a Nokia smartphone.

Which network does HMD Mobile use?

As mentioned earlier, HMD Mobile is an MVNO, otherwise known as a mobile virtual network operator. That means the company doesn’t have its own network of cell towers to use, instead utilising EE’s network to bring HMD Mobile to UK users. Considering EE has 85% geographical 4G coverage in the UK, it’s a good choice for HMD.

Does HMD Mobile offer 5G connectivity?

Even though HMD Mobile is using EE’s network, which does support 5G, HMD Mobile is currently limited to 4G connectivity. HMD has teased that an upgrade is planned for the near future, with the company confirming that all SIMs are 5G-ready, but there’s no word on when that might happen.

No need to wait for a new SIM once the 5G switch has been flipped though!  

Can I use a HMD Mobile SIM in any phone?

While you can only get access to a HMD Mobile SIM when buying a Nokia phone from specifically, what happens when you want to upgrade in a few years’ time?

You needn’t worry, as it’s possible to use HMD Mobile SIMs on any smartphone – although the accompanying HMD Mobile app is only available for Android, meaning those upgrading to an iOS device may need to switch to another network.