The Pixel 4 was only released on 24th October, but you can already get it free – well, if you get a contract, anyway.

What's more, this deal includes a Google Nest Hub, which has an RRP of £119 (although we're seeing it for sale for £59 now, for example here from Argos). This is a massive saving – over £700 – on the best deal you're otherwise likely to find right now on these products.  

Click here to get the Google Pixel 4 and Nest Hub bundle now. This deal is only available until 23rd December.

The Pixel 4 offers the definitive Android experience. If you're looking for great software, a superb 90Hz display and truly elite smartphone cameras, this could be the phone for you. If you're not a heavy phone user, the battery life should still be enough to last a full day. Check out our full Google Pixel 4 review.

Google's Nest Hub offers the Assistant and a screen in a compact package. Thanks to its integration with YouTube, Maps and Google-owned Nest products, this can be a great hands-free companion in the home. 

We recommended it at the full price of £119 when it was launched, so getting it free is a superb deal. See our full Google Nest Hub review

If you'd prefer to get the Nest Hub on its own, John Lewis is also offering it at half of its RRP at £59. John Lewis also has voucher codes to use at the checkout to get a further £5 off if you spend £30 or more on Google products (GOOGLE30), or £12.50 if you spend £75 or more (GOOGLE75).  

Click here to get the Google Pixel 4 and Nest Hub bundle now, or check out the full range of John Lewis offers on Google gadgets

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