You can tell from the position of the icons in the status bar that there is room for a punch-hole camera to the left of the time. Such screenshots have become commonplace since the introduction of camera cut-outs on phones in the last year or so.

No current Pixel phones use a cut-out, so this is very likely to be the Pixel 4a that Osterloh is currently using. The phone has long been rumoured to introduce a cut-out camera instead of housing it within the bezel. Every Pixel phone has done this so far, bar the enormous notch of the Pixel 3 XL

Given the font of the phone is set to one found on Pixels, and Osterloh is the head of the Pixel division, this is all but confirmation that he’s using the phone. The tweet is still live at the time of writing, so he probably knew us nerds would work it out pretty quickly.

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