LG has said it will announce the two-screen twisting LG Wing phone on 14 September but hasn’t shared any official images or videos of it yet.

But the first video of the mechanism in action has leaked on YouTube (shared on Twitter by Fold Universe), showing the two displays interacting when twisted open before closing shut to resemble a regular smartphone.

Previous video leaks had not shown the twisting motion in action.

It’s hard to tell quite how the mechanism works, but what the Wing essentially looks like is a regular smartphone whose top full screen swivels out to show a small, almost square second screen underneath. The top full screen then has a small display to its right when held portrait, or a small display under it if held landscape.

In the video the small screen shows a two-app quick launch tile for YouTube and Chrome, so the software will display two apps side by side like on LG’s dual screen cases for phones like the V60. We’re not sure how great this will be on the smaller display section, though the first Wing leaked video showed navigation directions on the main screen and music controls on the other in a niche but thoughtful use case.

When closed the Wing looks fairly thick, but not too much so considering its secret swivelling trick. There doesn’t appear to be a headphone jack, which will annoy some LG purists.

We’ll have to wait till 14 September to see how LG positions the Wing, what countries it will sell in, and most importantly how much it’ll cost.

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