Panay is head of Microsoft’s hardware and software teams and posted the below photo, which is the first clue to the camera prowess of the device:

It's not much of a clue to how good the camera will actually be though, given Instagram’s compression of images. That said, the image doesn’t look great, with washing out at the edges and dull colour reproduction in parts. Microsoft may well have skimped on the camera specs to keep what is already likely to be an expensive device a little cheaper. 

But hey, if the head of hardware is posted pictures from the Duo then hopefully it means the release schedule is on track despite potential for disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the Duo’s specs are still unknown, so the photo is garnering interest from Microsoft and Android enthusiasts online.

Not only does the Duo have an interesting form factor (see top of page), it is also Microsoft’s return to the smartphone market after the failure and subsequent binning of the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone platforms. 

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