App researcher Jane Manchun Wong reverse engineers apps to uncover features like this that are in development, and posted the below tweets showing the alleged upcoming system:

It works by you taking a video selfie which Facebook then uses to verify your identity to log in. This selfie video is then, Facebook claims, deleted after 30 days if verification is successful. As yet, it does not specifically say if the video will be deleted if verification is unsuccessful.

Facebook already uses facial recognition software to identify people in photos for quicker manual tagging.

Many smartphones aside from iPhones also have facial recognition features in order to unlock the device, but few are secure enough for biometric authentication as they only use the 2D plane of view afforded by a camera.

Facebook’s video ID is more likely to be akin to that used by banking app Monzo that requires you to send a brief video of yourself to prove your identity, along with a photo ID. Facebook’s possible implementation is still a little unclear and it’s not known if it would be humans or robots viewing the video in order to verify user, and against what other data.