Adobe has announced Photoshop Camera, an AI-powered smartphone app designed to help you take and edit photos on the go. Adobe said it’ll be available for Android and iOS some time in 2020.

The app uses AI to let you edit pictures within the viewfinder before you take a shot, or post-shot like Photoshop users are used to. It appears that it will auto-generate editing suggestions based on what it detects is in the photo and what the shooting conditions are.

You can currently register to apply for early access to the app. The below video shows some examples of what the app will be able to do:

Writing in a blog post, Abhay Parasnis, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Adobe said:

“With Photoshop Camera you can capture, edit, and share stunning photos and moments – both natural and creative – using real-time Photoshop-grade magic right from the viewfinder, leaving you free to focus on storytelling with powerful tools and effects. Leveraging Adobe Sensei intelligence, the app can instantly recognize the subject in your photo and provide recommendations, and automatically apply sophisticated, unique features at the moment of capture.”

On first impressions this is an Adobe app to compete with Instagram and Snapchat in the way it is placing real-time filters and lenses into a smartphone camera’s viewfinder. Photoshop Camera even has lenses created by Billie Eilish to truly jump on the zeitgeist.

Whether or not Photoshop Camera will be successful is another matter. Photoshop is considered by many as inaccessible due to the associated price of its main product and the steep learning curve to get anything out of it. With Photoshop Camera, Adobe looks to be automating much of its technology in order to get a younger generation on board with its brand.