Recent OnePlus phones have had 30W wired charging, and the OnePlus 8 Pro even offers 30W wireless charging with an optional 30W wireless charger that only works with that model. It’s the first and so far only OnePlus phone to offer wireless charging, hence its high £799 starting price (well, high for a OnePlus phone).

The 65W charging bump makes sense given it can be found on the recent Oppo Find X2 Pro. In our testing we found the phone can charge an absolutely insane 97% in half an hour from dead. That’s the kind of upgrade we can get on board with.

Oppo’s Ace 2 also one upped OnePlus recently despite being a China-only phone with 40W wireless charging. Oppo and OnePlus are owned by the same company, BBK, so it’s usual for the two brands to share and swap tech. The Find X2 Pro’s display is very similar to that on the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Oppo is getting to the finish line first when it comes to charging speeds, but OnePlus is still charging less at £799 – the Find X2 Pro costs £1,099 and doesn’t have wireless charging. It’s interesting to see how the two are competing.

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