Since the brand's launch in 2018, Realme has set out to establish itself as a serious player in the smartphone space, however, it looks to be broadening its horizons. The company’s very first smartwatch and TV came to market last year, and now the company has confirmed its intentions to expand into two new form factors.

At the end of the Realme GT global launch event, it teased two brand new devices, in the Realme Book and Realme Pad. If the names don’t give it away, these are set to serve as the first laptop and tablet that Realme has ever made.

The company said it will reveal more details in the coming months, so we’ll have to be content with the brief look at a prototype that Realme gave us, for now.

Recent leaked photos suggest the Realme Book will adopt a MacBook Pro-style design and feature a 3:2 aspect ratio display, which fits with what we saw at the GT's launch. Realme is also encouraging people to submit ideas for what they want to see via its official website.

Details on the Realme Pad are even thinner on the ground. It was described as an ‘entertainment-first device in an ultra-slim form design’, but nothing else was revealed at the time. Understandably, pricing for the Realme Book and Realme Pad is yet to be announced.

Realme Pad
The upcoming Realme Pad. Image: Realme

These new devices were far from the only non-smartphone announcements at the event, however. Realme also unveiled its first robot vacuum, known simply as the TechLife Robot Vacuum. It offers smart sweeping and mopping guided by LiDAR, as well as Google Assistant/Alexa support and a 5200mAh battery.

It’ll start at a relatively affordable €299 (approx. £260) and is available to pre-order from 16 June on the Realme website and AliExpress.

The second-gen Realme Watch 2 also launched, alongside the new Realme Watch 2 Pro. Both devices share the same core functionality, including support for 90 sports modes, a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen detection. Notable upgrades on the Pro model include GPS, a slightly larger display (1.75in vs 1.4in) and notification support.

That’s reflected in the price, with the Watch 2 starting at £49.99/€54.99, while the Watch 2 Pro costs at least £69.99/€74.99. Both will be available on 16 June via the Realme website and Amazon.