Black Friday is here, and so are a bumper range of discounts on some great laptops. The Surface line seems to be getting special attention this year, with price drops throughout the range. 

Amazon and Microsoft aren't typically rivals in the tech world, but they're going head-to-head on this Surface Book 3 deal. Both retailers are offering the 13.5in model with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD for just £1,269. That's an incredible saving of £330, and it's by far the lowest price we've seen since it launched.
Click here to get this deal from Amazon or here to get it from Microsoft now. 

If you're looking for some beefier specs, you'll be glad to hear all configurations of the Book 3 have seen big price drops. Highlights include £270 off the 13.5in i7 model (16GB, 256GB) and £220 off the 15in variant with the same specs. Again, Amazon has matched Microsoft on price across all eight configurations.

As such, the general advice here is simple: if you've been considering buying the Surface Book 3 since it was released in June, now is the perfect time to invest. It's highly unlikely we'll be seeing these sorts of prices again for many months.

But why would you pay more for this device, when the Surface Laptop 3 has seen similarly hefty discounts? The key lies in its versatility. It might not look like it, but what looks very much like a regular clamshell laptop actually has a detachable screen, which you can use like the Surface Pro 7 as a standalone tablet.

However, the big upgrade over that device is in the keyboard, which is among the most impressive we've ever tried on a laptop.The Book 3 really provides the best of both worlds here, making it the ultimate 2-in-1.

In our full review, the main reason we couldn't recommend it was the high asking price, with £1,599 out of reach for most people. However, this significant discount makes it much more reasonable for consumers and creators alike. 

With prices identical across the Surface Book 3 range, click here to get it from Amazon or here to get it from Microsoft now. 

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