The HP Elite Dragonfly launched at the tail end of 2019 and made for an enticing business 2-in-1 laptop. Only a few months on from the original and HP has just released the Elite Dragonfly G2 at CES 2020, which - in a world-first - boasts integrated Tile tracking.

HP, impatient by its own admission, didn't want to hold off on adding new functionality to its flagship business 2-in-1 with the option of Tile integration being just one such improvement.

If you're not familiar with Tile, the US company established itself with its range of personal Bluetooth-based trackers, designed to be attached to personal belongings, like bags or keys. Users then keep tabs on the location of their items by way of a mobile app, with the accuracy and reach of Tile's Bluetooth-based network only improving as the number of users and Tile trackers operated on it.

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More recently Tile branched out to offering 'Tile integration' within products produced by third-parties. Notable headphone manufacturers in the likes of Skullcandy, Bose and Sennheiser were among the first to offer such products but HP is the first company to add the functionality into a laptop.

As with Tile's Bluetooth trackers, Dragonfly G2 users will be able to locate their machine from within the Tile service, as well as using it to locate their other Tile devices.

Tile integration is on optional extra on the enhanced Dragonfly G2, with other new additions including cellular connectivity (initially 4G, with 5G coming later), an improved take on HP's own SureView integrated privacy screen technology and a bump from 8th-generation to the latest 10th-generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 chipsets.

HP hasn't yet revealed pricing for the new model of the Elite Dragonfly, however, it's unlikely that its focus as a business device will have changed between generations, making getting ahold of one if you're an average consumer, easier said than done.

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In December 2020, HP revealed a host of consumer laptops that come with Tile integration. Read more about it here.