As one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Acer has a lot of products to announce each year. 

At its [email protected] event in June, we saw additions to the Swift line, new Predator gaming hardware and a new convertible Chromebook. We also saw an ultra-rugged laptop in the form of the Enduro. 

Less than four months later the company is back, with an event subtitled "Connected Together" set to take place today. Here's how you can watch the virtual press conference live. 

When and how can I watch the Acer live stream?

Acer's next live stream will take place at 2pm UK time on 21 October 2020. You can watch directly from this article by clicking the stream embedded above.

If you'd prefer, the stream will also be available on the Acer Facebook page

What new products will Acer announce?

There are no concrete rumours on which products Acer will announce, and the "Connected Together" slogan alongside the event gives relatively little away. 

However, the timing of the event suggests the company will unveil a lineup of products ready for the busy holiday season, which usually stretches from late November to January and beyond. Technology is a popular gift option, so Acer will want any new products to be on sale before festive shopping gets underway. 

That would suggest we'll see new consumer-focused devices, which may include laptops, Chromebooks and tablets. There may also be new additions to its Predator line of gaming hardware and ConceptD creator-focused devices. 

Acer released updated versions of its Swift 5 and Swift 3 at IFA 2020, although the Swift 7 hasn't been refreshed since last year. That makes it a likely candidate, as well as the affordable Swift 1. 

The popular Aspire range was also left untouched at the June event, making it ripe for updates this October. In particular, we could see new versions of the Aspire 5 and Aspire 3

There may be further updates to Acer's Chromebooks, although it's more likely we'll see a successor to the Chromebook Tab 10 that was launched in 2018. 

It remains to be seen whether any new products will make their way into our best laptop, best gaming laptops or best Chromebook charts.