Dell is claiming the regular 9510 is the world’s smallest and lightest commercial 15in laptop, with the lightest configuration weighing in at 1.45kg. The design puts 5G antennas into the speakers to save space and to allow Dell to keep its edge to edge display design.

It is capable of connecting to 5G networks in the sub-6 frequencies but is not compatible with millimetre wave. Technical asterisks like this show that if you’re going to be buying a 9510, you probably want to give Dell a call to talk it through.

The Latitude 9510 and the 9510 2-in-1 come with 10th-gen Intel Core i7 processors, up to 16GB RAM, 16:9 displays and premium features like fingerprint sensors in the power button.

Dell is also pushing the laptops’ AI features, the main one of which being Dell Optimizer – software that learns how you use your laptop and adjusts the performance and battery settings fluidly to give you the best possible experience. The promised 30 hour battery life would be astounding if true, but we fully expect this to dip as soon as you connect to a 5G network and start tearing through tasks.

Dell also announced an update to its Mobile Connect software that will allow iPhone screen mirroring on Dell laptops like the 9510. Even better perhaps, it’ll also allow easy file and photo transfer between Apple and Dell devices – a clear sign that Dell and Apple are working well together in the enterprise space. Such features have been available between Android and PC for a while, though.

The Latitude 9510 line pushes the envelope with its 5G option but is clearly targeted at business users and is more likely to be a laptop that is bulk-ordered by corporations to hand out to their executives than bought by the general consumer.

The Latitude 9510 starts at $1,799 USD. We expect the 2-in-1 to cost more – and don’t forget the additional cost of a 5G contract if you want to take full advantage of the functionality.