The 13in 2160x1400 display is the highlight, sporting the 3:2 aspect ratio popularised by the likes of Microsoft and Dell. It's only IPS and not OLED, but that can easily be forgiven at this price point, particularly when the bezels are so tiny.

The hinge allows for up to 180 degrees of rotation, offering more flexibility than we've come to expect on clamshell laptops, and there's still room for a full-size keyboard. 

Chuwi admits that the GemiBook is very similar in design to the more expensive CoreBook Pro, but it's under the hood where the differences are more apparent. 

Compromises are inevitable at this end of the market, and the most obvious one here is the processor. The GemiBook comes running the Intel J4115, a chipset aimed at entry-level devices.

Chuwi claims it's "sufficient for daily office and audio-visual entertainment", and has paired it with UHD 600 graphics and an impressive 12GB of RAM in an attempt to maximise performance. However, it remains to be seen whether it can stand up to the rigours of my daily workflow. 

Chuwi GemiBook
Image: Chuwi

Other key specs include 256GBD SSD and USB-C for charging within a 1.34kg form factor. No information has been given with regards to battery life. 

The Chuwi GemiBook is available for £349/US$349 from Amazon, although it's slightly cheaper at AliExpress. For news on the company's latest laptop, learn more about the Chuwi LarkBook here

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