Acer has been talking up its sustainability credentials for several years, and now it has a range of devices to prove it. The new Vero series is specifically designed with the environment in mind, aiming to make both manufacturing and repairs as eco-friendly as possible.

The Aspire Vero is the flagship product in this new range. It’s pitched as a sustainable alternative to the popular Aspire 5, whilst still providing a great laptop experience for everyday consumers.

30% of the Aspire Vero’s chassis is made using post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, which Acer says reduces CO2 emissions by 21%. PCR plastic is also responsible for 50% of the keycaps. This might seem like a relatively low starting point, but Acer has indicated it has more ambitious plans for the future.

Packaging often has a significant environmental impact, but it’s 100% recyclable with the Aspire Vero. If you’d rather not throw this away, it can supposedly be used to create a makeshift laptop stand.

That recyclability extends to the display, a 15.6in LCD panel with a Full HD resolution. It’s nothing special, but decent detail and colour accuracy mean most consumers will be satisfied.

The Aspire Vero doesn’t sacrifice on performance, using Intel’s latest 11th-gen processors (i3, i5 or i7) and Iris Xe integrated graphics. The entry-level 4GB of RAM might be a struggle, so making the step up to 8GB or 16GB is recommended.

There’s also a new software-based VeroSense feature, which allows users to balance energy efficiency and battery life as they wish.

Unfortunately, battery life is where Acer seems to have made sacrifices. The company says the Aspire Vero will get you up to 9.5 hours of video playback, but a MobileMark benchmark drops that to 7.5 hours. It remains to be seen how well this will hold up to real-world usage.

Acer’s sustainability practices continue once it’s in the hands of the consumer. The Aspire Vero is designed to be easy to repair, upgrade and recycle, helping to tackle the growing problem of e-waste. Upgradability doesn’t quite extend to the CPU or display, but it’s better than many other laptops you can buy.

The Aspire Vero starts at €799/US$699.99. It arrives in Europe this month, before coming to North America in November.

Elsewhere, business users can opt TravelMate Vero instead. This is a new addition to the popular TravelMate range, delivering the same 30% PCR plastic chassis and completely recyclable packaging. The 15.6in Full HD display is powered by 11th-gen Intel chips (i5 or i7), alongside Iris Xe integrated graphics and 8- or 16GB of RAM.

Acer TravelMate Vero
The new TravelMate Vero. Image: Acer

You also get additional business-focused security features, including a discrete TPM, Kensington lock slot and ProShield Plus security software.

The 2021 Vero lineup is completed by the Veriton Vero Mini desktop PC and Vero BR277 monitor. Will the Aspire Vero be good enough for our best laptop chart, or has the TravelMate Vero done enough to be considered among the best business laptops? Only time will tell.