What is Amazon Wedding List?

Amazon Wedding List is Amazon's gift registry service that lets married couples-to-be set up a wish list of wedding gifts. 

The main benefits of using Amazon Wedding List is the variety of items you can choose from: not only can you select items from Amazon's catalogue, you can also add items from elsewhere on the web using the Amazon Assistant browser plug-in, available for all browers  (more on this below).

Amazon also has a huge list of recommended items. You can choose anything from kitchen appliances to dining, to glassware, to toys, electronics and more. See Amazon's full Wedding List recommendations.

You also get free delivery if you're a Prime member or if the order is over £20 (see the full terms here).

Another benefit is that Amazon Wedding List keeps track of who bought which gift via its Thank You list feature, so you can quickly send a thank you note.

Do you get a discount on Amazon wedding registry?

Discounts aren't currently available on Amazon Wedding List UK, but US registrants with Prime memberships can get a one-time 20% discount on remaining items in the gift registry. Non-Prime members get 10% off instead.

If US$500 to $999.99 worth of purchases on the registry have already been made, Prime members get a 20% discount which can be applied to an order worth up to US$1,000, allowing a total discount of $200. Non-Prime members can apply the 10% discount on the same basket value of $1,000, allowing for a maximum discount of $100.

If guests have bought over US$1,000 or more from the registry, then the 20% Prime-member discount applies to a basket value up to $1,500, allowing a maximum discount of $300. The offer expires 90 days after the wedding date.

Sign up for the 30-day free trial for Prime US to get the 20% discount. Also see our full guide to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Wedding List US also allows you to receive a bonus gift when you register products from select brands.

There are loads of perks to using Amazon Wedding List in the US which aren't all yet available in the UK – check them out here.

How does Amazon Wedding List work?

To get started, go to the Amazon Wedding List page and click Create a Wedding List. You will need an Amazon account. Keep in mind, your guests will also need an Amazon account to buy gifts.

Next, you'll need to enter your name and your partner's, your address, and wedding date details, along with the number of guests, and whether you want your wedding list to be private.

If you're a guest attending the wedding looking to buy a gift on the wish list, you can search for the wedding by name on the Amazon Wedding List home page.

Amazon Wedding List Home Page

You can access your own wedding list by going to Accounts & List. Wedding List appears under Your Lists.

Amazon Wedding List Menu

Who can see my gift list?

When you create your Wish List, you have the option to choose a privacy setting. You can choose to set your wish list to fully public, visible to only to those with links or completely private. 

You can change these settings later through the Manage Settings option on the Wedding List page.

Amazon Wedding List Settings

You will see your privacy setting when you scroll to the bottom of the Manage Settings Page

Amazon Wedding List Privacy Settings

How do I add to my Amazon Wedding List?

To add items to you wedding gift list from Amazon, simply click on the Add to Wedding List button at the right of the product page, under the Add to Basket option.

Amazon Wedding List Add to List

You will see this window once the item is added to your list.

Add to Amazon Wedding List

How to add gifts to Wedding List from other sites

You will need to use the Amazon Assistant browser plug-in (available for all browsers) to add gift items from sites outside Amazon. Once it's installed, go to the URL of the product you wish to buy and click on the Amazon Assistant icon. Next, click on Add to List, where you should see the option to add the item to your Wedding Registry.

Amazon Wedding List Adding Gifts

Now if you return to your Wedding List, you should see the item in there. You can also add notes for your guests or remove items by hovering over the product and clicking Edit Details.

Amazon Wedding Edit List

Here's where you can add notes or remove the item. Alternatively, you can add a priority label to the item by clicking on the green ribbon outline.

Amazon Wedding List Edit Details

Now that you're all set with creating your wedding gift registry, we wish you good luck for the big day!