Vivaldi, the privacy-minded browser company, has updated its desktop browser to version 3.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux to include built-in tracker blocking.

The company also announced that its Android app is out of beta and available to download from the Play Store.

Vivaldi was founded by former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner and is a privacy-focused browser product that differentiates by claiming it is the most customisable. It says that version 3.0 adds the tracker blocking by default for the first time and continues to deliver ad blocking.

The tracker and ad blocking features are also present in the Android app

“Now more than ever, humanity needs an internet that’s well-functioning and open but also private and secure. With the new Vivaldi, users can browse with its wealth of features freely and efficiently without being tracked online,” said von Tetzchner.

Image: Vivaldi

The anti-tracking feature takes advantage of fellow browser company DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar, a public list he company shares with competitors to aid the fight against unwanted browser tracking.

Within the browser users can adjust whether or not tracking or ads are blocked, and can view to what extent either have been blocked on any website. This includes three levels of blocking, with granular controls if certain rules are needed for specific sites.

A nifty accessibility feature is also included in the desktop version for users who don’t use a mouse. Spatial Navigation navigates links on a web page by tabbing through hyperlinks rather than all the elements.

The Android app is available to download here for Android 5 and above and includes quick to reach features like Panels, Speed Dials, Notes and Capture.

Image: Vivaldi