BBC news reported a survey from security firm Norton has taken 7,000 parents from across Europe and set them questions about their children's use of technology. The children ranged from 5 to 16 and the questions asked what exactly the children were doing online and how long they were spending doing it.

Parents will always be concerned about the safety of their children online, so we've put together a guide to keep your children as safe as possible when they're using the internet.

The survey reports that children prefer screen time to sugar and sweets, and that almost a quarter of British children were online more than their parents – with them being more likely to be using a screen than playing outside.

Finding a balance between wanting their children to be tech savvy while also developing social skills was a prime concern for parents, with 60% suggesting it helped their children learn new skills.

“We should all be mindful of how much time we spend online and tackle the issue of excessive screen time, with parents setting a good example,” said Nick Shaw, general manager of Norton Europe.