Google's password manager is getting a few exciting enhancements, the company announced at its 18 May I/O developer conference. 

Taking the stage, Jen Fitzpatrick, SVP of Core Systems & Experiences, introduced four new features to the Google security service used by half a billion people. The improvements include:

  • Password Imports - allows users to bring passwords in from other password managers
  • Deeper Chrome and Android integration - allows secure passwords to move seamlessly from desktop sites to app usage
  • Automatic password alert - lets users know if any saved passwords have been compromised in a 3rd party breach
  • Quick fix feature - offers automated help via Google Assistant to change compromised passwords right away

Google published a guide on how its automated password changes will work immediately after the announcement. When a password has been exposed, users will see a "Change password" button from Assistant. Clicking the button will take the user to the at-risk site and then through the options for resetting. Users will have the option to change the password manually if they prefer.  

Google IO Password manager

The automated password change feature will roll out gradually in Chrome on Android starting with the US, with a global expansion expected in the coming months.

The Password Manager is just one of several security updates announced at I/O. Other features include Quick Delete, which will allow you to remove the last 15 minutes of your search history, while a new Locked Folder feature will add password protection to sensitive images in Google Photos. The Locked Folder option will reach Google Pixel phones first, and then other Android phones through the year. Google also announced it would make it easier to turn off your Location History in your timeline.

We're separately looking at the best password managers here.

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