Google has announced that is it introducing a grouped tabs feature in a new build of its Chrome browser. The feature is already live in the latest beta and allows you to group several tabs into one to help tidy your Chrome use.

In a blog post Google said: 

“Now, with a simple right click, you can group your tabs together and label them with a custom name and color. Once the tabs are grouped together, you can move and reorder them on the tab strip.”

One of the pains of using a web browser is often you’re working with several tabs at once and the experience is hard to manage. We admit we sometimes have north of thirty tabs open at once and reader, it is a warzone.

Being able to group, colour code and name tabs will go some way to helping you manage regularly visited sites or group according to projects or tasks on the go. Groups will stay put even after you close Chrome and will reappear on your next start up.

The change will help both tab monsters and minimalists, as Google notes, saying “There are two types of people in the world: tab minimalists who have just a few tabs open at a time and tab collectors who have...significantly more.” Now, you’ll all be better served by this handy new feature.

“Chrome’s stability and performance are important to us, so we’re releasing tab groups slowly in our upcoming version of Chrome, which begins rolling out next week. Tab groups will be available for Chrome on desktop across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux,” said Google.