Amazon's Black Friday sale ended on 27 November, as did its Cyber Monday deals on 30 November. Those who missed out now have another chance to make the most of Amazon's Black Friday deals by heading over to Amazon France which will host Black Friday offers until 23 December.

Amazon France postponed its Black Friday sale by a week, as requested by the French government, to help smaller brick-and-mortar businesses with in-store traffic on Black Friday itself. 

This is good news for UK shoppers who want to pick up tech deals ahead of Christmas. We're rounding up the best Christmas tech deals right here.

Be sure to compare Amazon France's price against Amazon UK's before heading to checkout – and while currency conversions can mean lower costs in pound sterling, you may need to pay extra for shipping. Also remember, electronics are likely to ship with a European plug, so you might need to buy an adaptor separately. Similarly, keyboard layouts may be French if you're in the market for a laptop – as always, read the details carefully before buying.

Below are a few major discounts we're seeing right now. If you're automatically redirected to Amazon we'd recommend heading to Amazon France first and searching for these discounts. Alternatively, you can use a VPN.

We'll add more offers as we see them, so stay tuned.

How to change Amazon country setting

You should be able to log into your Amazon account directly from Amazon France. Alternatively, click on the flag icon beside the search bar on Amazon UK.

How to change Amazon country

You should see the option to change the country/region in which you're shopping

How to chance Amazon country setting

Choose France from the drop-down menu and click Go to Website. This should redirect you to Amazon France but with your address and payment information saved.

How to chance Amazon country setting