We're one week in and who knows how many we have left to go. Finding new ways to keep the kids entertained might seem an impossible task, but some of the world's biggest and best zoos are lining up to help take on that challenge.

Zoo cams have become the new reality TV during lockdown, allowing the public to tune in and keep up with the animals while zoos themselves remain closed.

Sometimes you have to be patient with live cams, and there can be a tendency to think all the animals have escaped, but when they are good they are really good - allowing you a closer view than you might get in person as a visitor to the zoo.

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Big Cat Rescue Live Cam

Zoo cams have never been more popular than with the launch of Netflix's Tiger King documentary.

Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, operates under a mission of providing the best home for cats in their care, ending abuse of big cats in captivity, and preventing extinction of big cats in the wild. In Tiger King, Baskin became a hate figure for Joe Exotic, the then owner of Oklahoma's Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, who is now locked up on various charges including the alleged murder for hire charge against Baskin.

Both wildlife parks continue to operate, with GW Zoo now under the lead of new CEO Jeff Lowe, and Big Cat Rescue under Carole Baskin. A variety of live cams operate from Big Cat Rescue, as we'll detail below, while you can keep up with the animals at GW Zoo via its Instagram page.

The live cams at Big Cat Rescue are powered by explore.org, which is a source of many live streams from animal sanctuaries, farms, oceans and even inside a beehive - click here to watch all the live cams currently operating.

Big Cat Rescue Vacation Rotation Cam

Big Cat Rescue Tiger Lake Cam

Big Cat Rescue Nikita the Lioness Cam

Chester Zoo Live Stream

Chester Zoo hit the headlines last week for offering a full-day virtual live tour on Friday 26 March. Starting at 10am, the zoo started with Red Pandas, followed by giraffes at 11am, elephants at noon, butterflies at 1pm, Sun Bears at 2pm, Sumatran tigers at 2.30pm, Humboldt penguins at 2.45pm and the aquarium at 4pm.

Although the live stream has now ended, and Chester Zoo has not announced any plans for further live events, you can watch (or rewatch) the live stream below.

Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

Kansas City Zoo Penguin Cam

Kansas City Zoo also has a Giraffe Cam, which is currently down for maintenance. It says it should be back online shortly.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams

Monterey Bay Live Jelly Cam

Live Monterey Bay Cam

Monterey Bay Live Shark Cam

Monterey Bay Live Moon Jelly Cam

Aquarium of the Pacific Live Cams

Above Water Penguin Cam

Below Water Penguin Cam

Shark Lagoon Cam

Tropical Reef Cam

Honda Blue Cavern Cam

Paignton Zoo Live Cams

Living Coasts Live Cams

Living Coasts Penguin Cam

Isle of Wight Zoo Live Cams

Folly Farm Live Cams

Cumbria Wildlife Trust Live Cams

Edinburgh Zoo Live Cams

Dublin Zoo Live Cams

Smithsonian's National Zoo Live Cams

San Diego Zoo Live Cams

Houston Zoo Live Cams

Vancouver Aquarium Live Cams

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