We originally wrote this article back in August 2014 to say rumours of an upcoming OnePlus smartwatch were rubbish. Two years later the company has finally confirmed our suspicions: there will never be a OnePlus smartwatch. (Phew!)

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei told TechRadar back in October 2015 that it had at one stage looked into making a piece of wearable tech, but instead decided to continue its focus on smartphones.

Had it decided to go with the OnePlus smartwatch instead, it might have looked something like the image at the top of this page (tweeted by Carl Pei).

For OnePlus products that actually do exist, check out our reviews of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus X, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus Power Bank. And here are some of the best genuine smartwatches you can buy today.

The original OnePlus Smartwatch rumour

OnePlus OneWatch UK release date, price, specs

Back in August 2014, BGR received a tip-off concerning a OnePlus OneWatch. The following was our take on the rumour:

Here's where we would tell you the OnePlus OneWatch UK release date, price and specs, except we don't believe for a second that this 'leak' is genuine. 

BGR is reporting that it has received an anonymous tip-off containing a sketch of the forthcoming OnePlus OneWatch and a photo of the OnePlus home page showing a OneWatch category. It uses the slogan 'It's about time', which is just a bit too close to the Moto 360's 'It's time' for our liking. See exhibit A and B, above and below. 

Sound familiar? It wasn't so long ago that news of the OnePlus Tab 'leaked'. Some joker had simply Photoshopped the OnePlus home page. Also see: 20 best smartphones 2016.

The only difference here is that someone has Photoshopped the home page and then taken a photo of it on their screen. I would say very clever, except I think it would have been quicker to take a screenshot.

OnePlus OneWatch UK release date, price, specs  

At the time of the Tab 'leak' OnePlus confirmed that it would not be launching any new products that year. Since then it had to deal with all manner of customer complaints over OnePlus One yellow-screen issues. It had enough on its plate without launching a smartwatch too.

OnePlus OneWatch UK release date 

Hmmm. Never? 

OnePlus OneWatch UK price 

Whereas the OnePlus One was the best-deal smartphone of 2014 (provided you can actually get one and it has no yellow screen issues), the OnePlus OneWatch is an absolute steal at an amazing zero pounds. 

OnePlus OneWatch specs 

According to BGR's tipster the OneWatch has Sapphire glass, an OLED screen and a curved battery. It features QI technology, titanium borders and leather bands. We'd go even further to speculate that the OnePlus OneWatch contains a lot of hot air.

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