Monument Valley was a hugely popular game on both iOS and Android, and Monument Valley 2 doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint either. The game was announced and released during Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote, and is now available to download on iOS – but what about Android?

Here, we discuss when Monument Valley 2 is likely to be available to download on Android, and also what to expect in terms of gameplay.

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When will Monument Valley 2 be released on Android?

As of 5 June 2017, Monument Valley 2 is available to download on iOS, but it’s yet to make its debut on Android.

It was a similar story with the release of the first Monument Valley – iOS users had a period of exclusivity before the game was made available on Android. With the first game, iOS had exclusivity for just over a month, but recent iOS exclusives like Super Mario Run have had much longer periods before coming to Android, suggesting this might also be the case with Monument Valley 2.

So, while we don’t have a solid release date just yet, Monument Valley 2 should be released for Android within the next 1-3 months, going by previous game releases.

Of course, as soon as we receive news about a solid Android release date we’ll update this section, so head back soon to find out the latest Monument Valley 2 for Android release date rumours.  

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What should I expect from Monument Valley 2?

So, what should Android users expect from Monument Valley 2 in terms of gameplay? Assuming that the iOS and Android versions of the game are one and the same, the game looks and plays just like the original, but with a few changes.

First up, there are 16 levels available, which should keep gamers going for quite some time. There are also new styles of puzzles compared to the first game, and a level of polish that is instantly noticeable, from the sleek sans serif typeface to the soundtrack that dynamically changes depending on what you do on-screen.

The biggest change to the game? It’s to do with the story. In Monument Valley 2, you get to meet Ro’s (the protagonist) nameless daughter. The daughter accompanies her mother throughout her journey through the Valley while subtly showing off the bond between parents and their children by relying on each other to get through a variety of puzzles. The storyline is more present in the second game than in the first, and should make gamers feel something as they play.

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The developers call the tactic “Trojan horsing emotion”. Dan Gray, head of Ustwo games explained the tactic in an interview with Wired. “We engage people with the visuals and charming mechanics and impossible geometry first,” he says. “That way, we manage to get a whole bunch of new people who didn’t know they wanted emotion from video games to play.”

You can see the full game release trailer at the top of this article, which includes a quick look at some of the gorgeous and complex levels you’ll have to navigate in Monument Valley 2.

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