You can pick like, love, laughter, surprise, sadness, anger, and dislike, but this will only work in chats with the app’s chat features enabled for all parties.

Smart reply is also getting, well, smarter. After the update it should be able to suggest stickers while you’re typing a message depending on what you’re saying so you can quickly fire off the best one for the moment.

You’ll also be able to add text or draw directly onto photos you send if you take them with the viewfinder within the Messages app. Previously you couldn’t edit them in this way.

The new features point to Google’s continued focus on its Messages app, which has improved drastically over the past two years. Thanks to RCS many people can now enjot chat features like typing bubbles and read receipts. If you and your friends get into using Messages, it goes some way to papering over the cracks of SMS, a pretty antiquated and messy communications standard.