The feature is known as the Android choice screen.

But it is slightly controversial that in order to get other options on the list, companies had to bid in an auction to be included on a country by country basis. DuckDuckGo appears on the list for every country, but other regions will differ.

You can check out the full list of countries and options here. Google says, “The auction winners, and Google, will be ordered randomly in the choice screen on a per device basis.”

The change comes after rumours that Apple will finally allow iOS users to change the default applications for email and web browser when opening links. Android operates slightly differently to iOS, but it is notable that Apple still hasn’t even allowed for default changes in settings yet.

Android however has been changed via a court ruling as it is the most popular mobile OS worldwide and in Europe by some margin, meaning Google was – as it often does – gaining an unfair advantage over its competitors.