The video doesn’t give too much away, but the narrator says “There will be news, updates and announcements on connectivity, controls, safety, security, productivity, accessibility and a whole bunch of other stuff we’re not ready to tell you about yet.”

Google would have, as it admits in the video, usually have made these announcements at its Google I/O event that was set to take place this week until it was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The page asks people to tweet their Android questions using the hashtag #AskAndroid, and it seems like there’ll be a presentation Q&A from Dave Burke, VP, Engineering and Stephanie Cuthbertson, Senior Director, Product Management.

The launch will come roughly three weeks later than it would have done at I/O, as Google’s roadmap will have been affected somewhat by the pandemic. The beta launch might also bring the Pixel 4a’s unveiling, but we’ll have to wait and see.