If you've been waiting to buy Microsoft's latest gen consoles, it's likely you're thoroughly familiar with stock fizzling out as quickly as it's introduced.

This is why we're excited to not only see the Xbox Series S consoles available to buy at the Microsoft Store, but also with a discount on additional controllers when bought as a bundle. Head to Microsoft to see this deal before it goes

The console itself still costs £249.99, but Microsoft is offering up to 20% off an extra controller. The discounts are as follows:

  • £16 off the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Was £159.99, Now £143.99
  • £11 off the Pulse Red Xbox Wireless Controller - Was £54.99, Now £43.99
  • £11 off the Robot White Xbox Wireless Controller - Was £54.99, Now £43.99

It's worth noting that Microsoft's prices on these controllers are also outdoing other retailers - great news if you were looking to buy an extra one anyway.

On Amazon, the Pulse Red controller (pictured below) will cost you £72.45, while Argos and GAME are offering it for £55. It's out of stock at Currys and Smyths Toys.

Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red

Meanwhile the premium Xbox Elite Series 2 controller (pictured below) costs full price on Amazon, and has limited stock elsewhere.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller deal

The Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than the £449/US$499 Xbox Series X. Our Deputy Editor Dominic Preston gave it 4.5/5 stars in his review and called it "the console to buy right now" for most people, as it offers excellent value for money.

While you are limited to just 512GB storage and there's no disc drive or 4K support, you do get improved performance, a compact and sleek design and the much-desired SSD.

Head to Microsoft pick up its Xbox Series S bundle deal before it goes.

We're separately tracking where to buy both the Xbox Series X and Series S here.