Since the release of the PS4 in 2013, manufacturers have been developing third-party alternatives to the official DualShock 4 controller, some offering an asymmetrical form factor similar to the Xbox controller while others are tailored towards eSports with rear-facing triggers, improved switches and even the removal of the rumble motor.

As you might guess, some of these controllers aren’t cheap, especially custom ones from the likes of Scuff, so what happens to them when you upgrade to the PS5? Can you use your collection of DualShock 4 controllers on your shiny new console? The simple answer is yes and no – it all depends on what you’ll be doing.

Can I use the DualShock 4 controller on my PlayStation 5?

Sony’s new DualSense controller is a huge step forward for console gaming, offering advanced like force feedback triggers and advanced haptics, but that means that developers will develop PS5 games with these features in mind. With that being said, Sony has confirmed that you’ll need a DualSense controller to play the latest PS5 titles – but there is some good news.

While you can’t play PS5 titles without a DualSense controller, you are able to play older PS4 titles on the PS5 using your DualShock 4 controller (or third-party alternative). It’s also still used for Remote Play on iOS and Android across PS4 and PS5 titles, so you’ll be able to get a bit more use out of the old PS4 controllers yet!

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