Untitled Goose Game, a dead cert for indie game of the year on most 2019 retrospectives, is now available to download for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Previously the game was only available from Epic Games Store or to download for Nintendo Switch.

Made by Australian developer House House, it’s a relatively simple premise – you’re a horrible goose and you need to tick off jobs on a list purely designed to really annoy people.  

Michael McMaster, Director at House House posted on the official PlayStation blog celebrating the release, and even shared the now infamous Slack conversation that spawned the idea for the game three years ago:

Image: House House

We enjoyed playing the game when it came out on Switch, but as you might imagine it isn’t the most immersive romp you’ll ever indulge in. But it is awfully funny, something that can’t be said for many games these days.

Untitled Goose Game will cost £19.99/$19.99 on PS4, though there’s an introductory offer of £15.99/$14.99 right now. On Xbox One you can get it for £16.74/$15, which is also a reduced rate.