What is Spyjinx?

Spyjinx is a smartphone-only game that lets you play as a master spy in the Jinx League. You create and customise your own hideout, in a range of exotic locales, and build up a team of agents that you can send out to infiltrate other players' bases.

When does Spyjinx come out?

There's no set release date for Spyjinx yet, so hold tight - but it's likely we'll see it launch some time in 2020.

Is there a beta?

Yup. Epic has already announced a beta test in Malaysia for iOS, and says the beta will also expand to Australia "soon." If you're in a participating country you can grab the beta game from the App Store, and anyone else can register with Epic for the latest news on when the beta will expand elsewhere.

To take part in the beta, you'll need at least an iPhone 6S or higher with at least iOS 11. Tablet owners with at least an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4 with at least iOS 11 can also play.

Will Spyjinx be on Android and iOS?

That's the plan. Although the beta is currently iOS-only, it sounds like that might change, and the final game is expected to launch on both iOS and Android.

Is there a trailer?

Strangely, not yet, though we'll update this as soon as we spot one.