At E3 2015 Microsoft announced the new action-adventure Xbox One exclusive ReCore from Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime. Here we round up its release date and price, and detail the gameplay, characters and more.

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Update 17 June 2016 with release date and E3 2016 updates.  

ReCore UK release date: When is ReCore coming out? 

During its E3 2015 briefing Microsoft confirmed that ReCore would be released in Q2 2016, unfortunately the game has been pushed back by Microsoft with its release looking at 13 September 2016 in North America and 16 September 2016 in Europe. Also see: PS4 vs Xbox One.

On the plus side, it's exciting to see the game also launching on Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, which comes to us as a surprise. The game was initially set to be an Xbox One exclusive, but it seems that Microsoft has had a change of heart and decided to opt for a general release on both its console and computer platforms.

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced Xbox Play Anywhere, which allows you to play Xbox One games on Windows 10 computers. Read more about the new cross-platform integration here: Microsoft Xbox One S release date, price and specs rumours.

ReCore UK price: How much will ReCore cost? How to pre-order ReCore? 

The price has been announced, with it launching at £29.99 on Xbox One which will also reflect its Windows PC price tag.

You can pre-order the game through a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Game, among many other online retailers.

ReCore E3 2015 reveal trailer

ReCore gameplay and characters 

Update 17 June 2016: At E3 2016, there was a new gameplay trailer which showcases how the game will look and feel like - it's safe to say that we're excited!

Few gameplay details are available, but we know that ReCore is the story of the last few remaining humans on earth and their friendly robot companions, who together hope to tackle obstacles and enemy robots in an effort to rebuild humanity. 

Metroid Prime game director and now head designer at Armature Marc Pacini told Kotaku that ReCore would be a third-person, non-linear game, putting players in an open landscape that is affected by shifting sands. 

Indeed, ReCore puts you in the shoes of Joule, a human survivor, who is accompanied by her robot dog, Mack. That is, until a sandstorm hits. Also see: Best new games coming in 2015/2016. 

This sandstorm affects the map, completely changing the scenery of the game. Joule and her dog explore the area, finding themselves in a cave where they are attacked by robots. Mack sacrifices himself by creating a huge blast; it destroys his body and all the robots around him. 

Mack's consciousness remains, giving Joule hope of bringing him back to life. Joule picks up his core and puts it in a robot's body, allowing Mack to live to see another day - but in a new form. 

This ability to place a core in a new 'vehicle' is a theme of the game, Pacini told Kotaku. It reports: "Joule befriends several energy cores - spheres of light that have personality and that can be placed in “frames” shaped like a dog, a gorilla and who knows what else." 

Much of the game is set in this desert-like scenery, but Joule can also go underground, where she faces even more dangerous robots than those above ground, but can also pick up items that may be of use to her in her struggle to survive this planet and rebuild humanity. 

ReCore E3 2016 gameplay trailer