Following the announcement of Sony's upcoming PS4 Update 5.50 earlier in 2018, users can now download the update and enjoy the plethora of new features it introduces.

Here, we cover everything you need to know about the latest PS4 Updates, including a possible release date window and the most impressive new features. 

When is the PS4 system update 5.50 release date?

Following a period of closed beta testing, Sony has today, 8 March 2018, released the latest PS4 update to all users around the world. Simply turn your PS4 on and you should be prompted to install the latest update - it's mandatory, and you won't be able to access online games on older software. 

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What's new in PS4 System Update 5.50?

Ahead of releasing the latest system update to PS4 gamers, Sony has detailed what to expect - and the good news is that it introduces long-requested features. 

Play Time Management

This feature is a big deal for parents - although we're sure kids won't be too keen. Play Time Management allows family members to manage the amount of time that children can play on the PS4 at any one time. Parents and Guardians will be able to log in to their PlayStation account on the PS4 or via the web and check/manage their children's playtime on a daily basis. 

If your child is on the PS4 a little too often, or too late in the evening, you can set restrictions that only allow for a certain amount of time during preset hours. The child will receive notifications while playing so they know when to save and quit too. 

Oh, and if the little one deserves a little treat, it'll be easy to extend game time via your smartphone or PC. 

Library UI updates

PS4 Update 5.50 also introduces a handful of new tabs in the Library, which should make it easier to differentiate between the apps you've got installed and those you've purchased.

The 'This PS4' tab will showcase all apps and games that are currently installed on the PS4, while the tab with your PSN ID will list all apps and games that you've purchased on PSN.

You'll also find a new PS Plus tab within the Library that will show you all PS Plus Free Monthly Games that you own. If you're not currently a subscriber of PlayStation Plus, you'll see a little lock icon on the tab to indicate that you can't play the game until you've re-subscribed. 

Oh, and the update also introduces a handy feature that lets you hide certain apps and games (old betas, trials and demos) from the Purchased tab in the Library. 

Delete Notifications

Yep, this one is essentially what it says on the tin. After years of requests, Sony is finally allowing PS4 users to delete notifications in an attempt to keep the Notifications tab a little more organised than it has been in the past. 

Custom Wallpapers

While the variety of themes available for the PS4 are good, you can't beat having your own personal wallpaper - we've got it on our phones, tablets and PCs, why not our consoles too? Sony agreed, and is introducing the ability to import your images from a USB stick onto your PS4 for use as a custom wallpaper. 

Supersampling Mode

This one is for PS4 Pro users only, but it's a big'un. PS4 Pro users will be able to access a new supersampling mode in the Settings app, allowing those with HDTVs (1080p or less) to enjoy an enhanced visual experience when playing both Pro-supported and non-Pro-supported PS4 games. 

Supersampling, for those unaware, is the method of rendering a game in a higher resolution than required, then downscaling it to match your TV's resolution. The result is a boost in image clarity that HDTV owners will appreciate.

There's a handful of other small changes coming in the update - check out the PlayStation Blog for more details