The data shows that while the game took an inevitable dip in profit in 2017, 2018 and 2019 showed significant growth resulting in this mammoth spending total over four years from players. The game lets players spend actual money on in-game PokéCoins which are needed for extra Pokémon storage, raid passes and incubators (to hatch more Pokémon from eggs).


$894 million spent by players in 2019 represents the game’s most profitable year ever, which is something of a surprise. It goes to show that popular mobile games tend to stay popular and continue to make a lot of money, with Pokémon Go fitting the same mould as Candy Crush Saga as a veritable money spinner.

No doubt a good chunk of that was from the £7.99 / $7.99 tickets required for the A Colossal Discovery special research 'story event' where players could get the exclusive Pokémon Regigigas.

Though it’s rarer to see hoards of people playing Pokémon Go these days, in 2016 at the peak of its general popularity it was hard to turn a corner in any major city and not see people flicking imaginary Pokéballs everywhere. Developer Niantic headed up an enormous hit that was modelled on the engine made for its AR game Ingress.