The Pokémon Company last year announced a new Pokémon meets AI board-game-style mobile title for Android and iOS called Pokémon Co-Master. It launched in Japan last Spring, and here in the UK we've been waiting for it ever since. Well, that wait is finally over: Pokémon Co-Master is now available in the UK as Pokémon Duel. Also see Pokémon Go & Pokémon Plus, Pokemon GO troubleshooting.

Pokémon Co-Master UK release date: When is Pokémon Co-Master coming out?

Pokémon Co-Master Japan release date: Spring 2016

Pokémon Co-Master UK release date: January 2017

Last year the Pokémon Company confirmed a launch date of Spring 2016 for Japan, but the western release was still to be confirmed.

Fast-forward to January 2017 and Pokémon Co-Master has finally arrived in Google Play and the App Store as Pokémon Duel.

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Pokémon Co-Master UK price: How much is Pokémon Co-Master?

The game is free to play on Android and iOS, downloadable from their respective app stores. However, Pokémon Co-Master/Pokémon Duel includes in-game purchases.

Pokémon Co-Master features and gameplay: What to expect from Pokémon Co-Master

Pokémon Co-Master was developed with Heroz, which has previously created AI capable of defeating pro-chess players in battle.

Pokémon Co-Master was thought to be something of a cross between a fighting game and Chess, with the artificial intelligence bringing a new strategy-based dimension with online players taking it in turn to make their move.

On Google Play it is described simply as a Pokémon strategy board game in which you build a deck with your favourite Pokémon, then leap into a League Match. Pokémon Duel lets you compete with other players around the world, fighting rivals in real-time.

So far it has mixed reviews, with average feature ratings of 2.7 for controls, 3.0 for gameplay and 2.7 for graphics, and 3.0 overall.

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