Subscription services have come a long way in the past few years; while once upon a time you’d only be paying a subscription for your TV package, you can now get subscriptions for just about anything, from geeky gifts to razors and even games. There’s a range of game subscription services available in 2018 and EA’s Origin Access hasn’t garnered much interest – until now. With the announcement of Origin Access Premier at E3 2018, EA is offering early access to titles including FIFA 19, Battlefield 5 and Anthem.

Here’s all you need to know about Origin Access Premier, from the details of the subscription to pricing and availability.

What is Origin Access Premier?

Origin Access is nothing new, and has been available to PC gamers for some time. The subscription service provides access to a host of EA titles including FIFA, Battlefield and Madden, but subscribers usually have to wait several months post-release before they become available. FIFA 18 is a good example of this; the latest addition to the FIFA series yet to be added to the Origin Access collection despite launching back in 2017.

Origin Access Premier looks to change all that. Alongside the standard vault of EA games, the Premier-tier subscription provides access to new EA games five days ahead of release, meaning you’ll be able to play the likes of FIFA 19 and Anthem before anybody else.

This makes sense for anybody expecting to play two or more EA titles throughout the year, and also those that want to trial new EA games before deciding to spend cold hard cash on purchasing it outright. You’ll be able to check out the Anthology-style campaign in Battlefield 5 and the open world in Anthem without having to slam down £50 a piece.

Along with its own titles, EA has recently begun listing games from other publishers, including Warner Bros’ Batman Arkham series alongside a handful of popular indie titles like Mini Metro, Crashlands and more.

EA is the only publisher to offer this kind of subscription service for its games, and it makes sense for the company; many of EA’s titles are released on a yearly basis (FIFA, Battlefield and Madden to name a few) with the vast majority of players migrating to the latest version of the game upon release.

The standard Origin Access package will remain, offering access to over 100 PC games and discounts on newer titles, but will be renamed Origin Access Basic to reflect the offering of games available.

How much does Origin Access Premier cost, and when will it be available?

Origin Access Premier sounds ideal for fans of EA games, but when will it be available? The Origin Access Premier subscription is now available via the Origin website following a 30 July 2018 launch.

Those interested in subscribing to Origin Access Premier can do so on a monthly (£14.99/$14.99) or annual (£89.99/$99.99) basis. It’s pricier than the £3.99 per month/£19.99 per year Basic subscription, but we think that it’s worth it for FIFA, Madden, Battlefield and Anthem players.

It’s worth noting that, like with other subscription services, you’ll lose access to all games if you decide to cancel the subscription.