Despite missing its rumoured debut during E3 2021, Nintendo has finally pulled the wraps off its new console – the Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

While not quite the "Switch 2" or "Switch Pro" that fans were likely hoping for, this updated Switch brings a visual upgrade to the table first and foremost, with a larger 7in OLED panel; replacing the 6.2in LCD on the original Nintendo Switch. Find out all the differences between consoles in our Switch vs OLED model comparison.

Nintendo has enlarged the screen whilst also slimming down the bezels, meaning this new model sports near-identical proportions to the standard Switch (albeit measuring 0.1in wider, which means it may not fit some Nintendo Labo kits and select third-party accessories) and will work with existing accessories like the current Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch OLED kickstand

Beyond the display, the Switch OLED sports a new kickstand design, which spans the length of the console's back and features a variable hinge, allowing you to position it at any angle through its full range of motion; making for a more versatile and stable viewing experience, particularly when using the console in tabletop mode.

Nintendo also promises superior stereo sound from the built-in speakers and the base internal storage has been doubled to 64GB, arguably one of the original Switch's biggest limitations; still no mention of integrated Bluetooth audio support, though.

Nintendo Switch OLED dock

As for the dock, as well as sharing in a somewhat PlayStation 5-inspired white-on-black colour scheme (a neon red/neon blue option, similar to the original Switch is also on its way), there's now an integrated LAN port behind the back panel, allowing for a wired ethernet connection when the console is docked; intended for lower latency online gaming.

Nintendo Switch OLED tabletop mode w/ Joy-Cons

So far, only US pricing has been announced, with the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) clocking in at US$349.99. That's a $50 increase on the original Nintendo Switch's asking price and a hike that we expect will translate across to international pricing too.

If this ends up being the case, in the UK the Switch OLED could cost closer to £329 (up from the original model's price tag of £279), while in Europe, €349 seems likely, as the regular Switch matches the US numerically at €299.

Launching alongside the Switch OLED is an official carry case + screen protector combo pack, with a colour-matched black/white design. It's currently only listed on Nintendo Japan's website and comes priced at JPY¥2,178 (approximately £14.50/€16.50/$20).

Nintendo has slated the Switch OLED's launch for 8 October, coinciding with the arrival of the recently-teased Metroid Dread.