2018 is to be an exciting year for gaming, with cool accessories like the Nintendo Labo and amazing games like Red Dead Redemption 2 due for release. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is slightly different to the rest of the 2018 lineup though, as it strives to do something different to other RPGs – be historically accurate.

Here, we discuss everything we know about Kingdom Come: Deliverance including UK release date, pricing, platform and gameplay news along with the latest trailers. If you want to find out more, take a look at our Kingdom Come: Deliverance review

Kingdom Come: Deliverance UK release date and pricing

The biggest question on the lips of keen RPG gamers worldwide is “When is Kingdom Come: Deliverance being released?” and despite initial promises of a Summer 2016 launch, the game is now set to be released worldwide tomorrow, 13 February 2018. To celebrate the launch, Deep Silver launched a new trailer - this can be seen at the top of the page. 

Why were there such long delays in development? Rumours from 2016 suggested that the console version of the game wasn't nearly as finished as its PC counterpart, and Deep Silver wanted the game to launch on all platforms simultaneously. This meant that the PC launch had to be held back while more effort was put into the console versions of the game. 

Those interested in pre-ordering the game right now can do so from Amazon - it costs £44.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, while the Collectors Edition on PC is slightly more at £59.99. Those on PC also have the option of buying the game from Steam, where it'll set you back a rather cheap £39.99. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Which platforms will Kingdom Come: Deliverance be available on?

Since the Kingdom Come: Deliverance project was funded via Kickstarter back in 2014, the main platform for the game always been PC.

The developers have since announced additional support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The announcement of additional platform support is one of many elements that caused such a delay in releasing the open-world RPG. 

What can we expect from Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay?

So, what can we expect to see from Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Thankfully there are a number of details readily available online thanks to both the initial Kickstarter page (to give backers an idea of what to expect) along with additional announcements. Basically, Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks to be an RPG with a difference. That difference? It’s aiming to be historically accurate, something that can’t be said for other popular RPGs.

The game begins way back in 1403 (the end of the European Middle Ages) in the Kingdom of Bohemia, part of modern-day Czech Republic. The events that take place in the game led to the Hussite Wars, which really took place between 1419 and 1434. It’s an interesting blend of education and fun, and should definitely be a game on the list for history buffs.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The developers boast period-accurate armour and clothing as well as combat techniques and even real-world castles. The developers have worked with historians and architects to make sure the game is realistic as possible, and even recreated period music note-for-note based on medieval songbooks.

Gameplay-wise, the game is open-world (obviously) and only single player, bad news for those of you wanting to meet up with friends in 1403 Bohemia. The developers describe ‘branching’ quest lines and a ‘highly interactive world’ that should keep players entertained for quite some time, both of which are very important when designing a single-player RPG. It’s a lot easier to lose interest in an RPG when it feels like you’re surrounded by non-responsive NPCs.

Interestingly, the developers noted that the game will feature a classless system allowing gamers to be a warrior, bard, thief or a blend of everything. The ‘highly interactive’ NPCs and conversation choices also have a direct effect on the abilities you can access and upgrade, although we’re not quite sure how that’ll work at this time. What is clear is that the NPCs won't be holding your hands and rooting for you like in other RPGs, and you have to learn everything yourself - you can't even heal until you've learnt to bandage yourself. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailers

Warhorse Studios has never been shy about showcasing gameplay from the upcoming game, and here’s our selection of our favourite videos so far. As well as the launch trailer at the top of the page, take a look at the following videos:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay trailer: