The modern world of connected devices is great when everything is working but a total pain when it goes wrong. These days we rely on online services and the infrastructure behind them so you might be wondering things like is Nintendo Online down?

When it comes to Nintendo Online, the subscription service you need to play multiplayer Switch games over the internet use cloud save data and more, there’s an easy way to check whether the service is down or working as normal.

Simply head to the official Nintendo page and see what it says under ‘Online Service Status’. Hopefully it will say “All servers are operating normally”. 

You can also check maintenance information as well as maintenance scheduled for the future.

If not then the problem will be elsewhere, perhaps with your local Wi-Fi connection or your internet service provider like BT.

With the coronavirus outbreak and a huge game like Animal Crossing New Horizons being released, it’s possible that Nintendo Online might see a large amount of demand that the servers can’t cope with.

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