Furby is about to get redefined once again when the Furby Connect launches this Autumn instores. With improved app-connectivity, interactive play, and more personalised characteristics, the 1998 fluffy and colourful creature has transformed to entertain the modern-day child.

Furby Connect is launching this autumn with more facial expressions, LED antenna that lights up with app updates and an eye mask that puts it to sleep, finally.

Through the use of the Connect World app and Bluetooth, the Furby Connect will offer interaction through updates of music and viral videos acceptable for children.

How to buy Furby Connect in the UK: Where to preorder Furby Connect

Furby Connect can be pre-ordered from August 14 from Smyths in pink or teal for £99.99, and soon from Argos.

They toy is expected to be in stores from this Autumn in additional colours purple, coral and light blue.

The new toys will come with the updated Furby app – Furby Connect World by Hasbro. This is already available from the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store for select Apple (iOS 9 and up) and Android devices.

We tell you a little more of what to expect with the Furby Connect and the app.

How to buy Furby Connect in the UK: Furby Connect toy 

Furby Connect captures cuteness with big colour LED eyes through which it can express more than 150 eye animations. 

Other changes include large ears that twitch and a LED antenna on top of the head that acts as a joystick used for controlling mini-games.

Parents will rejoice that one main problem seems to have been solved - Furby Connect will come with an eye mask, and when pulled over its eyes, silences the creature and turn off its wireless radios.

Furby Connect’s body moves and dances around when you rub its belly, and it interacts when put alongside another Furby Connect friends, although not prior Furby generations.

How to buy Furby Connect in the UK: Furby Connect World app 

Using the Furby Connect World app, Furby Connect can digitally feed and poop when placed over a paired iPhone or iPad screen.

The app also lets two Furbies play with each other, as long as they’re both Furby Connect, and lets you play mini games and watch videos and music by Hasbro with other Furbies.

Furby Connect can learn new song lyrics and phrases – a step up from the 2013 Furby Boom app.

Hasbro in partnership with Jukin Media and KIDZ BOP have considered music acceptable for children, and what videos are going viral.