Fortnite, the hugely popular game famed for its' 100-person Battle Royale mode has gone from strength to strength in recent months. Though the game's 'Save the world' campaign is paid, users can access Battle Royale free of charge. Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite, including the latest updates and patch notes, release date, pricing details and platforms. 

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Fortnite release date and pricing

While many may assume that Fortnite has already been released, that’s technically not true – not in its final form, anyway. What gamers are playing at the moment is an Early Access game, a game that the developers are still actively working on. This means that there might be bugs and other issues with gameplay at the moment, but these should be ironed out before release. It’s available to download on not only PC but Xbox One, PS4 and Mac too.

Fortnite is pegged for official release in 2018, although Epic Games isn’t being any more specific as to when in 2018 we should expect it. So you have a choice: wait until later in 2018 for full release, buy a pack (which we come to next) or simply play Fortnite Battle Royale instead.

If you do want to pay to access the full Fortnite game right now, you can pick up the Standard (£34.99), Deluxe (£49.99), Super Deluxe (£74.99) or Limited Edition (£119.99) of Fortnite right now from the Epic Games website.

Fortnite Platforms: Is Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch?

While Fortnite is already available to download on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and even iOS and Android, there has always been one big omission: the Nintendo Switch.

Though it wouldn't be playable on-the-go like other Switch games, the portability of the hybrid console makes it perfect for casual players that want to drop in for one or two matches quickly, rather than going on a console or PC. 

Thankfully, that might not be the case for much longer. Dataminer and Pokemon researcher Michael revealed on Twitter that he has found evidence of Fortnite in the Nintendo Switch eShop. 

The image in the tweet seems to show Fortnite's Nintendo Switch icon, and it matches the dimensions typically found in eShop listings. This, combined with a leaked E3 document listing Fortnite as an upcoming Nintendo Switch release suggest that Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and very soon.  

Fortnite 4.3 Patch: Shopping Carts are here!

Fortnite's 4.3 patch introduces a very important element for Battle Royale players: vehicles, though not in the form you're imagining. In typical Fortnite fashion, the first vehicle available in Fortnite Battle Royale is a Shopping Cart.

You can ride the shopping cart alone or with another player, providing cover as you roll around the map from location to location.

The update also provides Challenge Progression updates in-game via an updated UI element, a new consumable (mushrooms) and the introduction of two new limited time modes; Blitz! V2 and 20v20. 

On the Save The World front, players can look forward to Blockbuster Event Part Two - A Hero is Born. Oh, and after months of requests, Epic Games has finally added VOIP support on PC. 

There are also bug fixes and performance tweaks with the 4.3 Patch - in fact, there are far too many to list here. Head over to the Epic Games website for the full patch notes

Fortnite Map Updates: The meteor has landed and Season 4 has begun

The meteor that has been hovering in the Fortnite sky for the past few weeks has arrived, and arrived with a bang!

After a campaign of subtle changes to the map as the meteor approached, everything from telescopes appearing on balconies to public service warnings springing up on the local TVs, the space rock has crashed down into the map.

Originally speculated to destroy Tiled Towers, the crash site has destroyed half of Dusty Depot (to create Dusty Divot), and a research base has been setup at the bottom of the sizeable crater to study whatever has arrived.

The new patch also comes with a new Battle Pass that offers cosmetic content to players as they level up through its tiers, and a brand new anti-gravity consumable.

We can also see some additional changes to the map, most notably the appearance of Risky Reels up in the North-East corner. These changes were predicted by a Reddit user down to the detail, whom also said that the map would be constantly evolving throughout Season 4. Their track record has been spot on so far, so we'll see what the future brings.

Epic really is knocking it out of the part with its' evolving content and putting PUBG to shame with its pace and quality.

Your move, Bluehole.

Fortnite Cross-Play: Can Xbox One and PS4 users play together?

Fortnite offers Cross-Play capabilities between not only PC and Xbox One users, but even those on mobile can play with PC, Xbox One and PS4 counterparts. But what about Xbox One and PS4 players, can they play together? They'd be evenly matched of course, compared to the advantage of PC gamers and disadvantage of mobile gamers.

Sadly, it's currently not the case. While users were briefly able to cross-play with Xbox One and PS4 users in 2017, Epic Games confirmed that it was a glitch and not Sony lowering its guards and allowing access. You see, Microsoft is completely on-board for cross-platform play but Sony has rejected the idea for multiple games on many occasions. 

According to Tim Sweeney, the head of Epic Games, it's in the industry's best interest to let gamers on different platforms play together, and even went as far as to say that it was "inevitable" that it'll eventually happen. Sweeney spoke at GDC 2018 in March, and claimed that cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox is the "next logical step". 

C'mon Sony, let it happen. 

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