There’s nothing like pulling the cellophane off the latest Football Manager game, powering up the laptop and sinking into your favourite chair for the next six months. Whether you try and take on the world with Manchester City or attempt to get Curzon Ashton into the Football League, there’s a near endless sea of choice, tactics and despair in Football Manager.

As well as the full desktop and laptop experience, Football Manager has successfully ported into Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile – simpler yet no less time-consuming mobile versions of the series. These will make a return in 2018 as FM Touch 2018 and FM Mobile 2018. 

When is Football Manager 2018 coming out?

Football Manager 2018 is out now, after releasing on 10 November, and unlike last year, the Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile variants released on the same day - though Touch arrives slightly later for iOS and Android, on 24 November.

Mmm, tactics.

What platforms is Football Manager 2018 on? 

As mentioned, Football Manager has returned in full force on PC, Mac and Linux in both physical formats as well as downloadable from Steam. 

FM Touch, as the name suggests, is great for more casual iOS or Android tablet players with a slightly simplified transfers and tactics approach, eschewing the granularity of the full-on experience. It is also available for PC, Mac and Linux however.

Finally, FM Mobile also returns on iPhone and Android.

How much does Football Manager 2018 cost? 

The full version of Football Manager 2018 costs £37.99 in the UK for PC, Mac, Linux and downloaded via Steam. It’s a small price to pay for the thousands of hours you’ll spend getting AFC Wimbledon to play an effective 2-4-3-1. You can order the game now from Steam, Amazon, or Game.

What's new in Football Manager 2018?

Publisher Sega claims that the latest iteration of the game includes over 1,000 new features and improvements. The biggest changes include a new graphics engine to improve matches, a Dynamics system that emphasises the importance of building a team that works well together, and expanded tactics, scouting, and fantasy drafting.