No sooner has a FIFA game landed that we are thinking about the next one. What could be better? When can we play it? 

FIFA 18 was a decent update, but FIFA 17 was the most recent clear evolution of the series with the introduction of the Frostbite game engine and The Journey single player mode.

If 19 is to be an incremental upgrade, then what else can EA bring to the table? Will offsides be called earlier? Can we please foul the keeper? And will the commentary ever be approaching lifelike? Read about the headline features below, and check out our FIFA 19 review for a deep dive into this year's entry. 

When is FIFA 19 out?

FIFA 19 is now available, following a 28 September 2018 release. 

How much does FIFA 19 cost?

FIFA 19 costs from £45.99 in the UK, and you can buy it from Amazon here

The Champions Edition costs from £69.99, and you can buy it from Amazon here.

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EA had to rethink the cover, as the entire game was announced while Ronaldo was at Real Madrid with him on the front. His move to Juventus has rather ruined EA's promo campaign.

What platforms is FIFA 19 on?

The obvious - PS4, Xbox One and PC.  

We are surprised to see that FIFA 19 is available as a scaled down legacy edition on PS3 and Xbox 360 too.

FIFA 19 is also available for Nintendo Switch, like the surprisingly good FIFA 18. But like that port, It’ll not include The Journey and full-on Frostbite graphics due to the limitations of the Switch’s hardware.

What to expect from FIFA 19 gameplay

One of the most eye-catching new additionsis Kick Off mode with House Rules - which is basically football with no rules. 

You can set a match to play with custom rules such as no rules (no offsides, no fouls), long-range goals count as two goals or only scoring from headers and volleys. It finally adds a bit of spice to the tiring normal Vs. mode that can often be boring if not online.

FIFA games sometimes struggle to add new features year to year, but we’re confident that FIFA 19 offers enough to warrant the purchase.

It's also confirmed that FIFA has full Serie A branding.

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Champions League

EA has nabbed the rights to use the Champions League and Europa League branding from Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. This is a major blow for Konami but a huge plus for FIFA 19 if true.

You could only play in the 'Champions Cup' on FIFA 18, and the absence of the iconic music and trophy likeness takes away from the FIFA magic. It’s back this time around though, making FIFA an even better choice than the ailing PES series.

PES had UEFA rights for the last 10 years.

The Journey: Champions

At Gamescom, EA confirmed that the single player story mode will be called The Journey: Champions. It describes it as coming "to a finale in this year's game", so expect something new in FIFA 20.

The story revolves around Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter. The narratives intertwine and you can even cycle between them at will to get different experiences as you play through the important moments in their careers.

You're able able to interact with players like Neymar, Alex Morgan and Paulo Dybala on and off the pitch and even decide how you should come across on social media. But like in the previous two games, the coming off the bench and scoring winners in finals scenarios are exciting enough to keep us playing.

Serie A and Coppa Italia

Maybe less important for some, but anyone who watched Football Italia back in the day will rejoice – FIFA 19 has full right to names, teams, likenesses and stadiums for the Italian first division.

It always makes FIFA more fun when you have the latest kits, names and player ratings – this is what makes it a football nerd’s dream, and adding Serie A in its entirety only adds to the fun.