The Game Awards always brings a host of new announcements to round out the year, and 2019 was no different.

While the Xbox Series X will take most of he headlines, there were a number of new games revealed, one of which being a new Fast and Furious spin-off. Crossroads will aim to make you feel like you're in control of one of the main characters, as they experience all the full-throttle action we have come to associate with the franchise.

This is the first FAF game to be made by Slightly Mad Studios, the UK developer behind Project Cars and older Need for Speed titles. They have recently been acquired by racing game gurus Codemasters, so we can expect excellent attention to detail throughout drag races and car chases. 

When will Fast and Furious: Crossroads be released?

The game is set for release in May 2020. We are not yet sure whether it will be before or after Fast & Furious 9 drops on 22 May. 

What platforms will Fast and Furious: Crossroads be playable on?

At launch, Fast and Furious: Crossroads will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It seems unlikely that the game will make its way to Google Stadia or the next-gen PS5 and Xbox consoles. 

Latest Fast and Furious: Crossroads trailer

The first official trailer was released alongside the game's announcement at The Game Awards in December 2019.

What can we expect from Fast and Furious: Crossroads?

 If you've ever seen a Fast & Furious film before, the broad premise of the game will be clear. It is being officially described as a "team-based, vehicular heist action game", which suggests there will be more of a focus on cars than previous games. 

FAF stars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez were at The Game Awards to officially launch the game, and their characters Dom Toretto and Letty Ortiz have been immortalised in video game form. 

We know that there will be at least two modes, but while we don't know much about the multiplayer functionality there looks to be an in-depth single-player story. International espionage seems to be the focus here, while you'll be able to try your hand at daring stunts including jumping from a car onto a moving train. 

We can expect the crew's home city of Los Angeles to be recreated in the game, alongside a number of glamorous locations around the world.