The project is being developed by an experienced team lead by Mart Lune and will operate on the Ethereum blockchain. To get involved you'll have to purchase an initial amount of DGS tokens on the 16th of February. The initial mining game will give you the chance to mine Dragonglass up to 10x your original stake, so if you purchase a single Dragonglass token (DGS) you will be able to mine up to 10 more ending up with a maximum of 11.

These tokens can then be bought and sold on the Ethereum blockchain and will be used in upcoming games developed by the same team.

The goal is to bring cryptocurrency mining to the masses. While traditional mining requires powerful PC hardware, a steady supply of electricity and a generous dose of time – the mining in Dragonglass will “(use) a unique mining method that doesn’t rely on your device’s resources. The mining is done by making seamless DGS token transactions.”

These transactions will be triggered by completing levels in the Dragonglass Miner mobile game. This perhaps sounds a little too good to be true, as the developers are claiming to replace a process that originally takes a lot of hardware, energy and time with a mobile game that doesn’t strain your phone’s resources. Their whitepaper can be found here, and after skimming through it, I was still no wiser on how they actually plan to tackle that challenge on a technical level.

However, I am not an engineer or a programmer so my opinion here means very little. Just, as ever, be cautions where you invest any money and do your own research.

If Dragonglass delivers upon what it promises then it could make cryptocurrency mining far more accessible to a wider audience. However, as the crypto world matures, the currencies with practical uses are much easier to buy in to (literally and figuratively). We’re still not clear on what the Dragonglass tokens (DGS) actually do, but we’re hoping to find out in due time.