Doom underwent a reboot in 2016, and it was a hit with fans: they loved the over-the-top action and gore, and it looks like Bethesda isn’t quite done with it yet. The company took to the stage at E3 2017 to announce Doom VFR (we’re not sure but you can probably imagine what the ‘F’ stands for), an upcoming virtual reality game set in the Doom universe.

Here, we discuss the potential Doom VR release date, along with platform availability and gameplay rumours.

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When will Doom VR be released?

Doom VFR is out today, 1 December 2017 - earlier than many fans had expected, after a rumoured 2018 release for the game following its announcement during Bethesda’s E3 2017 showcase. Those interested in buying the game can do so from Steam right now.

Which platforms is Doom VR available on?

Described as a “new virtual reality game” from id Software, Doom VR is available for not only the HTC Vive like Fallout 4 VR, but PlayStation VR too.

There’s no word on Oculus Rift support thus far, although we imagine this is due to the Room-Scale play area required (according to the Steam listing, anyway!). Granted, Oculus Rift users can now set up something like HTC’s Room-scale tracking, but it’s only available to a small number of Rift users.

What should I expect from Doom VR gameplay?

Based on the short trailer showcased at E3 2017, Doom VR looks to emulate and even improve on the over-the-top goriness of the 2016 reboot. Unlike with the likes of Skyrim VR, it appears that Doom VR won’t offer the original campaign in VR and instead offers what looks like an in-game simulation where you can go up against a variety of enemies. That hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s purely speculation based on the gameplay clip.

The clip showcases teleportation as the go-to movement system, and it’s unclear at this point whether it’ll offer alternative modes of movement – a rumoured feature of Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 4 VR. Whatever the motion system, the game looks to make use of slow-motion, giving users a chance to unleash hell and get out of the way before being attacked.

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