When is the Dead Rising 5 release date?

As the game is still being developed behind closed doors – Capcom is yet to even acknowledge the existence of the game – there’s no solid release date, or even a release window available right now.

But, that could all change very soon; E3 2018 isn’t too far away, and is the ideal place for Capcom to showcase the fifth entry in the Dead Rising series. If Capcom doesn’t announce Resident Evil 8 or Devil May Cry 5 during the event, we think that Dead Rising 5 will get some airtime.

The good news is that if Dead Rising 5 is announced at E3 2018, it might not be that far from release. It was a similar story with Resident Evil 7; the game was revealed at E3 2016, and was released months later in January 2017.

We’ll update this section once we receive the latest Dead Rising 5 release date news, so check back soon for more.  

What platforms will Dead Rising 5 be available for?

Apart from when we’re likely to be able to play the game, the biggest question is about platform availability. If you’re a Dead Rising fan, you’ll probably already know that past Dead Rising titles have been available for PC and Xbox One with a period of exclusivity (usually a year) before they become available on PS4.

While yet to be confirmed by Capcom, it could also be the case with Dead Rising 5 – especially if Microsoft Studios is the publisher of the game.

But what about the Nintendo Switch? While it initially had a rough time getting access to AAA games, more and more developers are creating Nintendo Switch ports. We’d love to be able to play Dead Rising 5 on the go on the Nintendo Switch, but it may be too tough for the console’s relatively underpowered GPU. Only time will tell!

What should I expect from Dead Rising 5 gameplay?

While we don’t know any specifics about Dead Rising 5, we do know that something Dead Rising-related is going on at Capcom. Puzzle Fighter, another Capcom title, was canned recently after a relatively short life.

On the Unity blog, Capcom Vancouver explained that resources were being moved from the mobile project onto an as-yet-unannounced Dead Rising title. “As the studio is dedicating its focus to our flagship Dead Rising franchise, we have decided to sunset Puzzle Fighter.”

We expect to hear more details about Dead Rising 5 gameplay in the coming months, so check back soon for the latest information.