Agents of Mayhem is a spinoff of the Saints Row franchise, from developers Volition Studios, which sees players take control of a team of anti-heroes to take on a super-villain. Here's what we know about the Agents of Mayhem release date, platforms, gameplay and official trailer.

IGN had the exclusive on the announcement, and comments on how the new game is in keeping with Volition's usual modern design. Three 'heroes' (a term we use loosely, since the agents aren't always the good guys), use their unique skills to take on the bad guys in an open-world landscape with lots of open-world action.

Release date and platforms

Agents of Mayhem will launch on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 15 August 2017.


UK players can pre-order Agents of Mayhem for console from Amazon for £42.74, or from Game for £42.99, though neither is offering pre-orders of the PC version yet.

Meanwhile if you're in the US, you can pre-order for $59.99 from either Amazon or Best Buy.


The game is a spin-off from the Saints Row series, which takes place after the 'recreate earth' ending of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. The plot revolves around an organisation known as Mayhem (they are the good guys), founded by Persephone Brimstone and funded by the Ultor Corporation. Bearing the Saints' purple fleur-de-lis logo, Mayhem's goal is to stop terrorist organisation Legion from destroying the world's nations.

It's a single-player third-person shooter set in a futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea, billed as "the city of tomorrow".

You control three agents at a time with a total of 12 to choose from - each with their own unique abilities and style. In the demo two of the four agents are women and the final game will have roughly a 50/50 split.


You can watch the game's official launch trailer above, or the later 'Bad vs. Evil' clip right here: